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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

3 Leading Causes of Blackheads

3 Blackhead Removal Options

A 3-Step Cure for Blackheads

Exposed™ 3-Step System for Blackheads

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For Dry, Sensitive and Combination Skin

About This Site

The information found on this website will provide people who suffer from acne and their caregivers with comprehensive information about the illness itself and some of the different treatment options and acne products that are available.

The first step in choosing the most effective acne treatment is determining your skin type. This can be difficult at times, because while some people feel their skin is either oily or dry all the time, this may not always be the case. Some of the pores on the human face can stay overactive while others do not, resulting in combination skin. The skin will also change due to environmental factors such as the weather, the type of makeup being used and the level of humidity in the air. The best time of day to determine skin type is in the morning before any cleansers have been used and before the face has been exposed to the outside environment.

Dry Skin

What is Your Skin Type?

Dry Skin

Some of the primary characteristics of dry skin include few visible breakouts or enlarged pores, matte-looking skin, wrinkles or lines on the face, a scaly appearance or even flaking. Dry skin also becomes itchy after cleansing with typical acne products because they dry the face even further. People with dry skin should purchase products that have potent moisturizing capabilities or perhaps even invest in a powerful moisturizer if they choose to use chemical-laden astringents or gels for acne treatment. Essentially, the chosen product should address both acne and the dry skin that may actually be the cause.


Combination Skin

Normal / Combination Skin

Most of the time, the pores on the faces of those with normal or combination skin are more prominent and visible near the nose, forehead and even the chin. These oily zones—often referred to as the T-zone—are usually where breakouts occur most often. Luckily, people with this skin type have a wide variety of products available from which to choose. They should use caution, however, because choosing a product that is too drying may cause irritation while choosing a product that is too oily or greasy may only make breakouts worse. Products that are the right combination of medication and moisturizer are important for normal or combination skin.



Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Oily skin typically appears shiny with enlarged pores, and it features many bumps of varying types and degrees. Oily skin is incredibly acne prone because it does not take as long for the oil and dead skin cells to build up and become problematic; this acne will range from mild to severe. There may be multiple dark spots or acne scars on the skin, as well. The best way to treat acne on oily skin is with a product that only contains very light moisturizers, if it contains any at all. In many cases, oily skin will feel soft and supple even after cleansing with chemical-laden acne treatment products.